Kathy Hochul Returns the Favor, Emails for Gillibrand

When Kathy Hochul first emerged as the Democratic candidate in the heavily-Republican 26th Congressional District, one of her early supporters was Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who gave $1,000 from her Empire PAC.

As the race progressed, Gillibrand sent out fundraising emails on Hochul’s behalf, and even ventured to the Buffalo area to campaign with Hochul.

Now, Hochul is returning the favor. Gillibrand’s 2012 campaign sent out an email this afternoon from Hochul, thanking the senator for her help and calling on supporters to contribute to her re-election.

It’s an interesting email, in part, because Hochul is more likely to be a Republican target than Gillibrand, who cruised to a lopsided victory in her first statewide race last year.

Here’s the full email:

Friend —

A few weeks ago, I won the special election to fill a Congressional seat that had been in Republican hands for years. And one of the people I need to thank for that victory is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Kirsten was one of the first to speak out on my behalf. From day one, she expressed an unwavering belief in my campaign.

Now it’s my turn to speak up for Kirsten. I’ve watched Kirsten become one of our most effective leaders in the Senate. She’s fought the extreme right wing as they’ve tried to dismantle Medicare, line the pockets of Big Oil and take away the rights of women.

We need Kirsten in the Senate, but the GOP is determined to grab her seat. By giving to Kirsten’s campaign today, you can help her gather the resources she needs to defend herself against the GOP attacks that are sure to come her way.

Click here to make a donation of $5 or more to Kirsten’s campaign and help her reach her goal of raising $100,000 by June 30. We simply can’t lose Kirsten’s strong voice in the Senate.

I’m fresh off the campaign trail, so I know better than anyone what the Republicans have in store for Kirsten. My race became a national issue, so the GOP spent millions trying to defeat me. Unfortunately, Kirsten will have to deal with the same thing.

But if there’s anyone who can handle attacks from the right, it’s Kirsten. I saw her in action when she campaigned for me and marveled at her strength and stamina. Still, she can’t do this alone, which is why I’m coming to you today.

Kirsten is lucky to have such a loyal group of grassroots supporters behind her. She needs you now to stand up for her and make a contribution to her campaign so that she’s ready for the Republican onslaught. Can she count on you to help her reach this critical goal of raising $100,000 by June 30?

Click here to rush your contribution to Kirsten’s campaign today so she can raise $100,000 before the June 30 deadline. She’s counting on her grassroots supporters to help her once again.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Kirsten was a driving force in my victory last month. I hope that I can do my part to help her win in 2012.


Rep. Kathy Hochul



Kathy Hochul Returns the Favor, Emails for Gillibrand