King Announces Another Muslim Hearing

The House Committee on Homeland Security just announced its second hearing on alleged radicalization in the American Muslim community.

In March, the committee’s chairman, Long Island Congressman Peter King, created a media frenzy when he held the first hearing on radicalization in March. King was unmoved by the criticism, and promised another hearing.

The focus for the next hearing, scheduled for June 15, will be on radicalization in American prisons.

“At this hearing, we will look specifically at the extent of the dangerous problem of radicalization in U.S. prisons,” King said in the release.  “We have seen cases in which inmates have been radicalized at the hands of already locked-up terrorists or by extremist imam chaplains.”

Whether this second hearing will generate the same kind of controversy remains to be seen, though King’s delegation-mate, Anthony Weiner, probably wouldn’t object if it did.

“This radicalization hearing, like the one in March, will be a deliberate and thoughtful examination of an issue that is too important for our security to ignore,” King said in the release. King Announces Another Muslim Hearing