Larry Gagosian's Empire Now Includes iPads

In the art scene’s latest exploration of the exciting world of technology, the behemoth Gagosian Gallery launched an iPad app today. It is available as a free download on iTunes.

The app, according to a press release, will be updated four times a year with information on “recent, current, and future Gagosian artists, exhibitons, and projects.” The artists in the first edition include Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Prince, Elizabeth Peyton and Pablo Picasso.

This sounds like a real doozy.

The app was designed by the comparably influential It includes the kind of detailed multimedia background information that brick and mortar galleries—many of which do not include wall text (Gagosian’s “Picasso and Marie-Thérèse” exhibition excluded)—don’t really have. Viewers can watch archival footage of Rauschenberg’s performance of 1966’s Open Score, take a guided tour of the Rudolf Stingel exhibition, which closed in April, with curator Francesco Bonami and—this one is a bit out of place—watch an interview with James Frey (not exactly the literary equivalent of Picasso), whose new novel The Final Testament of the Bible is being published by Gagosian Gallery.

“In representing the most renowned modern contemporary artists in the world,” Larry Gagosian said in a statement, “We are always seeking innovation. is a great partner on this project as they utilized new technologies as a means of presenting, examining, and giving access to our artists in entirely new ways that were previously unavailable.”

All we need now is an iPad. Larry Gagosian's Empire Now Includes iPads