Likely Bedfellows: Ace Hotel Teams Up with Google for Guests

The hipster-approved Ace Hotel has long been a place for the unlikely trifecta of New York’s tech, media, and music scenes to congregate around. A partnership with one of the most recognizable names in technology shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, then.

The Ace’s lobby has traditionally provided the un-, self-, and vaguely-employed a chic place to plant themselves for the day with complimentary-if-not-spotty WiFi, along with the town’s coffee roaster of the moment, Stumptown, and two Ken Friedman restaurants right in the building (whether or not they find themselves tempted to shop at uber-hip Opening Ceremony boutique is another story altogether). Even last week, The Observer‘s tech blog BetaBeat found themselves spying on the mastermind behind the (literally) rockstar-driven startup du jour Turntable.FM at the Ace.

Now comes the ultimate validation of that through corporate partnering: the Ace Hotel is going to be distributing Google Chromebooks to their guests as an amenity, replete with their own custom slipcovers for the laptops, and the Ace Hotel Google Chrome App—designed by flashy travel-guide site Superfuture—pre-installed in each one for use by visitors. Not only that, but they’re also going to give you—wait for it—paper! From the press release:

The Ace x Google slipcover reflects the straightforward sensibility of Ace design and keeps your Chromebook safe while you’re traversing the mean streets of New York. For guests, we’re laying out an extra gift: an Ace x Google designed notebook – with real paper – wearing a John Milton quote from 1634. This is about discovery, documentation, adventure and resourcefulness – we aim to make the Ace NYC experience as inspiring and nuanced as our guests.

Ah, yes: the rough-and-tumble streets of midtown west, where shakes are only served from shacks and only two stops away, Times Square plots to rob you of your earthly possessions (or at least: dignity) at every turn.

That said, it does represent a pretty ingenious, uber-savvy way to reinforce the Ace Hotel’s connection to the tech community, one always willing to accept the warm embrace of mainstream coolness; at the very least, it’s certainly a testament to Ace Hotel’s Alex Calderwood’s continued dedication to landscape-driven synergy, be it with his hotel’s guests or permanent residents. | @weareyourfek Likely Bedfellows: Ace Hotel Teams Up with Google for Guests