Makerbot Wins Our GDGT Live Competition

First off, thanks to all the great start-ups who applied, and hope to see everyone at the event, (which is free!).

Second, we’re pumped to announce that Makerbot is the winner of a free Silver Sponsorship at the gdgt Live event here in New York on June, 21. 

Making 3D printers available to the masses has helped Makerbot to build a burgeoning business, plus capture some mainstream zeitgeist.

Last week founder Bre Pettis appeared on The Colbert Report, where he scanned Mr. Colbert’s head and printed out several versions of the comedian’s dome.

Makerbot will be showing off their wares and printing some sweet schwag so be sure to RSVP for gdgt Live.

Betabeat will also be in attendance handing out some shiny new rumors and collecting some news. Join us for a photo op with the new iPhone 5. Makerbot Wins Our GDGT Live Competition