McCone Makes His Case for Weiner’s Seat

Anthony Weiner is almost officially an ex-congressman, and one of the darker horses mentioned as his replacement is Cody McCone, a lawyer at O’Dwyer and Bernstein.

McCone lives in Bay Ridge, which  is outside of the 9th Congressional District. This is a major disadvantage on its own,  but is compounded by the fact that Congressman Joe Crowley and the Queens County Democratic Party are far more likely to choose someone from their home borough.

That said, McCone could serve as a place-holder if the seat were to be redistricted out, as expected, next year.

In an interview with The Politicker, McCone said that two sitting Congressmen, including one from the New York delegation–he declined to say who–have met with him about making a bid for the seat, and added that he has been in contact with “several, several” labor leaders.

“I’ve been involved in government affairs all my life,” McCone said. “I’ve not just been civically and socially involved, but I’ve been an advocate for ordinary working men and women. “

McCone ran for the City Council in 1997 and lost. He acknowledged that “many qualified people” have expressed an interest in the seat, but said that one of his strengths was that “I’m not a professional politician.”

If the seat was eliminated, he said: “It wouldn’t bother me one bit. It would have no effect on me.”

McCone would probably appeal most to the powers-that-be as a placeholder to keep the seat warm for a year or so until it got merged into another district. He declined, however, to rule out running against a sitting Democratic incumbent should that happen.

“That’s not worth speculating on,” he said. “It’s time to help the ordinary voter and the people of Brooklyn and Queens. They have gone through an awful lot recently.”



  McCone Makes His Case for Weiner’s Seat