Michael’s Twitter Feed, Weary of Celebrities, Gets Spiritual


This time yesterday, the Twitter stream for Michael’s–the New York eatery so famous it doesn’t need to advertise, save for publishing a daily list of its paying customers online–bursts with boldish-faced names: Dewey & LeBoeuf partner John Schwolsky, executive deputy attorney general Maria Vullo, Pavia & Harcourt partner Jordan Ringel. (Lawyers love early-bird dates at Michael’s!) Later in the day, the fake lawyers in the cast of Damages dropped by (hi, Rose Byrne!).

Thursday, though, was a different story for Michael’s. The only Tweets, as of 1pm, were retweets of the Whitney Museum, regarding an art opening, and a yoga studio, quoting a Swami: “Forget selfishness, make others happy, and you will be the happiest person.” Michael’s Twitter-jockey has apparently forgotten selfishness–no self-promotion yet!–but it was simply making us miserable as we waited!

Finally, a blast of updates came through all at once–hello, Sir Derek Jacobi! The Tweets included another retweeted piece of wisdom from the Swami: “This itself is a Yoga Practice-watching our own thoughts and analyzing them.” Who knew the Michael’s Twitter feed had so much on its mind? Do yogis like Florida Red Snapper? When will the Michael’s Twitter feed go join an ashram?

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