Misreading Christie (Again)

As predictable as Pavlov’s dogs, NJ’s pundit community, including the former Democrat political operatives who now have jobs at University,

As predictable as Pavlov’s dogs, NJ’s pundit community, including the former Democrat political operatives who now have jobs at University, polling, and “institutes” (and the closet ideologues masquerading as independent at the same places) all react the same way whenever Governor Christie announces a new policy or initiative consistent with his campaign promises of 2009.

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Following their own herd instincts, NJ’s political class inevitably follow their own story line – this new policy (fill in the blank) is designed to boost Christie’s political appeal to GOP voters around the country in anticipation of a run for President.


It’s laughable.  The more Christie and his advisors disown this speculation, the more convinced are these experts that it’s his real motivation.


Sometimes the truth is simpler.  Like he’s actually doing what he said he would do.  The latest speculation about his decision to extricate NJ from RGGI is a perfect example.  As a candidate and Governor, he has focused on removing unnecessary and wasteful burdens on doing business in NJ, as he inherited the highest unemployment  in the region, and the nation’s worst business climate.


Removing this wasteful RGGI mandate is consistent with all of his economic policies.  Yet the pundit class misses this and sees a Presidential campaign aspiration instead.


What the pundit classes are missing, NJ’s middle-class and working-class voters picked up on right away.


Christie’s continued strong appeal among blue-collar and independent voters demonstrates that these voters are reading the true Christie, and they continue to like what they see.


A case in point – what else explains Christie’s rock-star reception in West New York last week and in other areas of Hudson County?  I will bet that Christie is more popular in some areas of Hudson County than he is in some neighborhoods in Short Hills or South Orange.


Why?  Working class and middle-class voters struggling to lift their own families into a better quality of life find Christie’s blunt talk and bold action appealing.  He is the only state-wide politician who represents them and speaks for them.  And they know it.


Upper-crust elites who can afford NJ’s high property taxes don’t so much care about reining-in exorbitant and greedy public employee unions.  But working class voters know better.


I hope that someone in the media or “independent” news analysts stops being a lemming, stops following the herd, and comes up with some original analysis of Christie’s decision-making.  Here’s a hint – start with the simple truth that he’s doing what he said he would do.

Misreading Christie (Again)