Morning Read: Anthony Weiner


Covering Weiner: The front pages. [Flickr]

Watching Weiner: He “could not seem to stop talking, as if the questioning was somehow therapeutic.” Told Margolis, Kaye and Benenson he lied to them. [Michael Barbaro / NY Times]

Supporting Weiner: His friends “are in short supply for Weiner, and it’s really showing now.” [Steve Kornacki / CapitalNewYork]

Protecting Weiner: Reportedly offered “professional PR” help for one woman he corresponded with. [NY Post via TMZ]

Questioning Weiner: Why did he have such a long press conference? [Michael Powell / NY Times]

Pushing Weiner: Democrats will force him to resign. [Thomas DeFrank, Celeste Katz and Corky Siemaszko / NY Daily News]

Judging Weiner: Editors say he violated ethics rule, he should resign; 2013 “seems unimaginable.” [NY Times]

Judging Weiner: “Erections have consequences.” [NY Post]

Judging Weiner: He does, technically, have a right to sexting. [Alex Pareene / Salon]

Supporting Weiner: Congressional support “crumble.” He “embarrassed” the House said Rep. Israel, of DCCC. [David Halbfinger and Ray Hernandez / NY Times]

Corresponding with Weiner: “you give good head” he reportedly asked one 40-year-old woman. [Jeremy Olshan and Kate Sheehy / NY Post]

Corresponding with Weiner: Meagan Broussard talks. [Meena Hartenstein / NY Daily News]

Weiner’s District: More Democrats than Republicans, but they’re socially conservative. [Dan Janison / Newsday]

Trusting Breitbart: Conservative tipsters go to him because “They know I’m willing to march through the fire with them.” [Jeremy Peters and Jennifer Preston / NY Times]

Rebuking Breitbart: Reporter denies saying what Breitbart said she said. [Joan Walsh / Salon]

Watching Breitbart: “very, very weird!” By the way, it wasn’t my question. [Choire Sicha / The Awl]

Ethics: No muscle in investigatatory arm; no campaign finance reform. [NY Times]

Nightlife: NYPD wants club scanners to gather info. [Jamie Schram / NY Post]

Republicans: Vito Fossella not flexing his muscle to control local GOP county organization. [Tom Wrobleski and Judy Randall / SI Advance]

Corruption: Buffalo Mayor Brown accused, officially. [Susan Schulman / Bufffalo News]

School Salaries: Raise for highest school official in the state — who Cuomo already criticized. [John Hildebrand / Newsday]

Morning Read: Anthony Weiner