Morning Read: Cuomo's Victory Lap, 'Mayor Mouse'

Azi Paybarah / Observer

Pride Parade: “Ecstatic revelers were moved to tears upon seeing Cuomo march down Fifth Avenue.” [NY Post]

Pride Parade: “Every time a couple marched past wearing tuxedos and wedding gowns, the packed crowd exploded into cheers, hollers and hoots.” [NYDN]

Pride Parade: Paterson marched too, carrying a sign that said “Thank you Gov. Cuomo.” [John Leland / NYT]

Pride Parade: A slideshow. [NYDN]

Christine Quinn: Riding high. [Michael Barbaro / NYT]

Archbishop Dolan: Feeling ‘down.’ [NYDN]

Same-Sex Marriage: “I just probably committed political suicide,” said Grisanti [Precious and Becker / Buffalo News]

Same-Sex Marriage: Might not resonate too far. [Nick Confessore / NYT]

Same-Sex Marriage: Celebrity tweet reactions. [Paywall / Newsday]

Same-Sex Marriage: Where’s Obama? wonders NYT editorial board. [NYT]

2016: Cuomo tries to tamp it down, but Shelly Silver “absolutely” sees him as candidate. [Fred Dicker/ NY Post]

Bloomberg: Compared to Cuomo, he’s “Mayor Mouse.” [Editorial / NY Post]

Bloomberg: ‘Pilot’ programs allow mayor to “do it first, answer questions later.” [David Chen and Michael Grynbaum / NYT]

Labor: Cuomo puts a bulls-eye on certain PEF members. [Rich Karlin / Times Union]

Fundraising: Boehner and Cantor come to town for Michael Grimm. [Alison Gendar / NYDN]

Fundraising: Romney will have a big lead, but Bachmann might surprise. [Chris Cillizza / WaPo]

Morning Read: Cuomo's Victory Lap, 'Mayor Mouse'