Morning Read: Deal-Making in Albany And a Mother in Medford

Mayor Bloomberg takes tour of the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother and Child Center in Israel. February 1, 2007 (Photo Credit: Spencer T Tucker)

The Mayor vs The Governor: “‘They’ve never had a powerful governor here’ said a Cuomo official. ‘They want their way and they’re used to having their way. And that’s not how it is anymore.'” [Josh Margolin / NY Post]

Leaving Congress: “Every day Weiner puts off his official departure date enlarges his congressional pension.” [SA Miller and Alexis Jeffries / NY Post]

Same-Sex Marriage: Expectations running high. [Phil Fairbanks / Buffalo News]

Same-Sex Marriage: Vote as early as today. [Brendan Scott and Helen Freund / NY Post]

Same-Sex Marriage: “Cuomo’s aides are crafting amendments to the bill that will further clarify protections for religious organizations.” [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Unions]

Same-Sex Marriage; Courts “did not invalidate the New Paltz marriages. Still, the marriages afford no legal status…” [Shaila Dewan / New York Times]

Taxi Deal: 30,000 permits for street hails in outer boroughs. [Andrew Grossman / WSJ]

Taxi Deal: Bloomberg puts a bill through Albany; critic says it’s “life and death for the yellow taxi industry.” [Michael Grynbaum / New York Times]

Rent Deal / Coup: Details of expanded rent regs; Maziarz leads challenge to Skelos. [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

Charlotte Bloomberg: Passed away at 102; once called the news paper to correct the mayor’s biography. [Elizabeth Harris / New York Times]

Charlotte Bloomberg: Private burial; donations in her memory can be sent to Medford Public Library. [Sally Goldenberg / NY Post]

Charlotte Bloomberg: Born in Jersey City in 1909; account degree from NYU in 1929. [Michael Saul / WSJ]

Charlotte Bloomberg: “just phenomenal,” said a neighbor. [Daily News]

Morning Read: Deal-Making in Albany And a Mother in Medford