Morning Read: Deals in Albany, Pressure in Washington

Gay rights activist Ross Levi, left, ?Sex and The City? star Cynthia Nixon and New York Rangers player Sean Avery, at right, during a news conference calling on the state legislature to legalize same-sex marriage at the Capitol Tuesday June 14, 2011. (John Carl D'Annibale / Times Union)

Timing: Cuomo spox denies timing drag fund-raiser as same-sex marriage advances. [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

Deals: Silver threatens to blow up tax-cap deal if Cuomo doesn’t deliver Skelos on rent regulations. [Brendan Scott / NY Post]

Rent Regulations: “An extension is not enough” said State Senate Leader John Sampson, as deadline looms. [Thomas Kaplan / NY Times]

Patents: Schumer helps banks in fight against an inventor in “a tiny Texas company.” [Edward Wyatt / NY Times]

Same-Sex Marriage: 3 GOP Senators say, anonymously, it’ll pass. [Nick Confessore / New York Times]

Same-Sex Marriage: Greg Ball could be next GOP to flip. [Brendan Scott and Carl Campanile / NY Post]

Same-Sex Marriage: McDonald “seemed combative as he finally declared his [support].” [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Same-Sex Marriage: “I’m tired of Republican, Democrat politics; I’m tired of blowhard radio people, blowhard television people, blowhard newspapers,” McDonald said. “They can take the job and shove it. I come from a blue-collar background, I’m trying to do the right thing, and that’s where I’m going with this.” [Nicholas Confessore and Danny Hakim / NY Times]

Same-Sex Marriage: McDonald’s support announced hours after Dolan led opposition stampede. [Ken Lovett / Daily News]

Same-Sex Marriage: Passage in NY could impact NJ. [Sopnia Hollander / WSJ]

Watching Weiner: Huma is back. [CBS Local]

Watching Weiner: Dems hope Huma tips the scales for Weiner’s resignation. [Devlin Barrett and Katie Glueck / WSJ]

Pushing Weiner: “Maybe the White House helps him get a job, with no fingerprints” suggests Sheinkopf. [Marcia Kramer / CBS Local]

Replacing Weiner: Could be a placeholder who uses the seat as a launchpad for 2013. [Twitter]

Defending Weiner: “I can’t help but feel that some Democrats now urging Weiner to go feel a bit guilty they aren’t standing up for their party’s ideals the way he does.” [Victor Kamber / Politico]

Joking Weiner: Bloomberg makes a Weiner joke to reporters. [Page Six]

Ways and Means: GOP Rep. Tom Reed joins the committee. [Jerry Zremski / Bufffalo News]

Public Statements: US Attorney told John Liu to curb his remarks on CityTime scandal. [David Chen and William Rashbaum / NY Times]

Legislating Albany: Everything could be resolved by end of session. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Political Muscle: How an acting mayor prevents rivals from getting signatures. [Lauren Stanforth / Times Union]

Restaurant Grading: Some are hidden. [David Seifman / NY Post]

City Budget: Bloomberg mum on union plans to tap health care trust fund to prevent layoffs. [Lisa Colangelo and Reuven Blau / Daily News]

Morning Read: Deals in Albany, Pressure in Washington