Morning Read: Weiner Plays Kingmaker, Towns Plays Golf

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One in a Million: Only person to get fined for smoking in NYC park was a newspaper photographer. [Michael Saul and Richard Autry / WSJ]

2016: “Silly” said Cuomo. [Ken Lovett / Daily News]

2011: Weiner trying to be a kingmaker. [Sally Goldenberg and Josh Margolin / NY Post]

Comparisons: “It has been forever since a single politician did so much to advance what is, after all, a civil rights cause. President Obama has never done so.” [Richard Cohen / Washington Post]

Analysis: “Cuomoism may or may not translate to a national audience or survive a presidential primary system” [Bill Hammond / Daily News]

Weddings: Start giving licenses on Sunday, July 24, or Monday, July 25? [Emi Endo / Newsday]

Support: Democrat defends Saland and says Conservative Party will be “extinct” if they keep opposing same-sex marriage. [Jeremy Blaber /]

Related: “Immigrants’ rights and gay rights are integrally related,” said the openly gay chairman of the NYC Council’s immigration committee. [Sam Dolnick / New York Times]

Homecoming: “Those gay kids that moved out to be accepted can come back” said openly gay businessman in Niagara Falls. [Carolyn Thompson / AP]

Pressure: Grisanti feels heat from GOP and Conservatives; denies horse trading. [Robert McCarthy / Buffalo News]

Objection: “I’m not objecting to having it done here in the office, but I’m objecting to being forced to sign my name to something that is against my morals and my God,” said the town clerk of Volney, in Oswego County. [Jim O’Hara / Syracuse Post-Standard]

Fund-raisers: Ed Towns takes in money at Dyker Beach Golf Course. []

Redistricting: Could Western NY be spared? [Jerry Zremski / Buffalo News]

Redistricting: Remember, prisoners now counted as residents back home, not in upstate prisons. [Ashby Jones / WSJ]

Redistricting: Potential maps of Western NY. [Buffalo News]

NYC Budget: Bloomberg defends his credibility. Gelinas says unions, not Bloomberg, have taken control. [Michael Saul / WSJ]

NYC Budget: Not impressed with Bloomberg’s rhetoric or tinkering. [Michael Powell / New York Times]

Funding Schools: 2.4 percent cut in school budgets, warns Walcott. [Fernanda Santos and Javier Hernandez / New York Times]

Unions: Editors want the City Council to take note of Target workers rejecting the chance to unionize. [Daily News]

CityTime: Mayor takes some blame. [David Seifman / NY Post]

  Morning Read: Weiner Plays Kingmaker, Towns Plays Golf