Morning Read: Weiner’s Good-Bye, Albany’s Final Days

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Overtime: Not leaving Albany until tax cap, rent regs, are done. [Tom Precious / Buffalo News]

Opposing Same-Sex Marriage: “If we have to live with it,” Mr. Motley said, “we want the best protections we can get.” [Thomas Kaplan / New York Times]

Deciding Same-Sex Marriage: Lanza, Saland and Hanon met with Cuomo. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Deciding Same-Sex Marriage: Key vote is Saland. [Nick Confessore and Danny Hakim / New York Times]

Influencing Same-Sex Marriage: Bloomberg’s checkbook looms large over GOP. [Brendan Scott / New York Post]

Stalling Same-Sex Marriage: Problems in the fine print. [Jacob Gershman / WSJ]

Influencing Same-Sex Marriage: Conservative tells GOP Grisanti it’ll be “difficult” to get party’s line if he supports marriage. [Robert McCarthy / Buffalo News]

Before Resigning: Weiner tried focusing staff and advisers on daily, weekly and monthly work goals. [Josh Margolin and Sally Goldenberg / New York Post]

After Resigning: Unnamed friends say Weiner may be a tv commentator. [Michael Saul / WSJ]

After Resigning: Huma and Weiner shop for food, head to Hamptons. [Jennifer Fermino and Emily Smith / New York Post]

Replacing Weiner: Editors fear Vito Lopez and Joe Crowley will pick the new congressman, instead of the votes. [Daily News]

Replacing Weiner: Instant lame-duck status. “Maybe this is finally Alec Baldwin’s opportunity.” [David Chen / New York Times]

Replacements: David Weprin, Jim Gennaro, Elizabeth Crowley, Rory Lancman, Peter Vallone Jr., Melinda Katz, Eric Gioia, Cody McCone, Bob Turner, Eric Ulrich, Andrew Sullivan. [Erin Einhorn / Daily News]

Replacements: Giuliani pushing Ulrich. [Sally Goldenberg and Carl Campanile / New York Post] Morning Read: Weiner’s Good-Bye, Albany’s Final Days