Morning Read: Weiner’s Poll, Cuomo’s Pensions, NYC’s Shootings


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Campaign Finance Reform: Proposed by DiNapoli; “the rest of state government has gone silent.” [Mike Gormley / AP]

Shooting: NY Post publishes picture of “mortally wounded” shooting victim, Tysha Jones. [Twitter]

Shooting: Picture not posted online. [NY Post]

Shooting: Victims were bystanders. [NY Daily News]

Shooting: Does your legislator support microstamping? [Michael Bloomberg and Eric Schneiderman / NY Daily News]

Shooting: Three shots fired on Manhattan-bound A train. [Mark Morales and Bob Kappstatter / NY Daily News]

NYC Budget: “Quinn ruled out wholesale raid on the city’s health care trust fund.” [NY Daily News]

Hillary: Upset for Huma, angry at Weiner. [Bill Zwecker / Sun Times]

Probe: ” ‘Twitter’ does not appear in the House Code of Official Conduct, nor does “direct message” or “explicit photo.” [Ben Pershing / Washington Post]

The Lede: “The voters still love him.” [Clemente Lisi / NY Post]

Poll: 56 percent of Weiner constituents say don’t step down. [Josh Robin / NY1]

Poll: 411 of 512 were registered voters. [Reid Epstein / Politico]

Resolve: Weiner is defiant, not resigning. Didn’t handle crisis well. [Erik Ortiz / amNew York]

Resolve: Weiner cites poll, tells colleagues he’ll stay. [WSJ]

Style: “unusually distant relationship” Weiner has with colleagues. [David Chen and Ray Hernandez / NY Times]

Insight: More like John Edwards, less like Bill Clinton, “on the perceived awfulness scale.” [Mary Williams / Salon]

Insight: Senior editor notes “how careless [Weiner] is with the lives of others, particularly those who are more vulnerable than he is.” [Amy Davidson / New Yorker]

Fairness: Grimm, who didn’t comment on Republican colleague Chris Lee, no-comments on Weiner. [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance]

NY26: Hochul calls Weiner’s behavior “disturbing” but doesn’t call for him to resign. [Phil Fairbanks / Buffalo News]

Female Sex Scandals: From Idaho to Taiwan. [Samantha Henig / New Yorker]

Silence: Female Democrats haven’t called on Weiner to resign; could that hurt them in 2012? [Laurie Kellan / AP]

Finance: Weiner needs the paycheck. [Chuck Bennett / NY Post]

Pensions: Silver and Skelos quiet on Cuomo’s pension plan. [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

Layoffs: 9,800 state workers set for layoffs on July 15. [Cara Matthews / Poughkeepsie Journal]

Layoffs: State workers not trained in how to warn workers they may be laid off. [Rick Karlin / Times Union]

Tuition Hike: Attending SUNY Buffalo could go from $4,970 to $7,300 in five years. [Tom Precious / Buffalo News]

Education: Slow vote results for Community Education Council elections. [Judy Randall / SI Advance]

Leaks: Former NSA official Thomas Drake accepts plea deal. [Ellen Nakashima / Washington Post]

  Morning Read: Weiner’s Poll, Cuomo’s Pensions, NYC’s Shootings