Mulligan to Sweeney: now let’s rid the system of part-timers

Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) of West Deptford wouldn’t be the only reformer from the 3rd District, according to attorney Mike Mulligan, his Republican opponent, whom Sweeney budged rightward as the pair heads into the general election.

Angling for a way to wrest away the attention Sweeney has commanded as the Dems’ frontline reformer of health and pension benefits, Sweeney’s rival said he wants more and deeper public sector reforms.

“Today is a perfect opportunity to confirm a promise I made months ago when I first entered the Senate race to the Greenwich Patriots Tea Party,” said Mulligan. “I am committed to support, and personally introduce legislation if elected to the State Senate, ending taxpayer funded pensions to part-time elected public officials at all levels of government. New Jersey State Senate and Assembly members included.”

Mulligan said he wants to end pensions for part-timers, arguing the measure would help safeguard the public treasury. 

“Another beneficial effect will be to increase the turnover of members of governing bodies of local and state government entities,” Mulligan said. “The same goal supports a policy of advocating term limits for elected public officials. The professionalization of politicians causes a loss of ability to personalize the interests of the electorate.  Professional politicians strive to maximize personal political power and privilege.”

Mulligan to Sweeney: now let’s rid the system of part-timers