N.J. Association of State Colleges and Universities CEO retires

TRENTON — The New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities (NJASCU) Board of Directors announced today Darryl G. Greer will retire as CEO of the organization effective Dec. 31, after nearly 26 years. Greer is the founding chief executive who has led the Association since its creation in 1985.

NJASCU’s Chair, John McGoldrick said in a release, “Darryl Greer’s service to New Jersey and its institutions of higher learning has been extraordinary. His mark on higher education has been positive, profound, and lasting.”

NJASCU’s Board of Directors also unanimously voted to appoint Michael W. Klein to succeed Greer on Jan. 1. Klein is director of Government & Legal Affairs, acting in effect as Deputy Executive Director. He joined the Association in 1998.

The Association is a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy organization with a mission to advance the collective interests of New Jersey’s nine state colleges and universities, and to advise the governor, legislature and others on fulfilling the higher educational needs of New Jersey citizens.

Greer, a resident of Pennington, played a leading role in designing and supporting the Higher Education Restructuring Act of 1994, and has worked since its inception to protect and extend the autonomy of the state colleges as a means of enhancing mission focus, quality service, and accountability, the organization stated.




N.J. Association of State Colleges and Universities CEO retires