New York Magazine’s Contributions to the End of Dating in New York

...and the health of the service sector

You might have heard that urban listings magazine and feature repository New York entered a synergistic partnership with the dating site How About We this week.

The deal connects New York‘s trademark recommendations for dispensing your discretionary income across the city’s bloated service economy with the lonely New Yorkers who want to get in on the brunch Bacchanalia and food cart fetishism but are too busy working OT–to make their rent in Park Slope, New York‘s best neighborhood, no doubt–meet anyone IRL.  Hooking up with each other requires a subscription to the site, which the companies  split 50-50, according to Business Insider.

It makes sense for New York, which can keep doing what it does best while turning commenters into cash, but it undermines How About We’s strategy for differentiating itself in the crowded dating site arena.

The premise of How About We is that you spot potential partners not based on their inscrutable self-descriptions and deceptive self-portraiture, but on what they want to do with you. Eliminating the need to come up with something to do, How About We becomes just like any other dating site. If all the singles on the site just want to go out for one of New York‘s must-try pasta dishes, what do you learn about a person, except that they have middle-brow reading habits?

Not even reality is safe from New York readers. The magazine recently named our neighborhood bar, Hot Bird, the best pickup scene in New York. Last week we saw a bouncer there for the first time, looking a little bewildered on a stool at the patio gate. He said it had been too crowded for the bartenders to check IDs. (It had already been too crowded for them to get you a beer in less fifteen minutes, although it was never a favorite among the underage set.)

If you’re looking to meet New York singles, we recommend you go there. You’ll save the fifty bucks you would have spent on pasta, and all you sad sacks will have to propose is How About We Get Out of Here?

New York Magazine’s Contributions to the End of Dating in New York