‘New York Times’ Candle Brings You the Sweet Scent of Ink

All those New York Times digital subscribers out there who miss the sweet, sweet aroma of paper and ink but don’t want to get their hands dirty with actual paper and ink need not worry. The Times of New York scented candle keeps alive the essence of print long after taking out the recycling is a distant memory.

The candle, designed by deceased design-artist-newspaper fan Tobias Wong, is for sale at the Ace Hotel and at Bondtoo.coom for $65. Unlike the paper, the candle is available in a limited-edition quantity of 1,000. The scent is said to have hints of “guaiac wood, cedar, and musk,” and to somehow be reminiscent of newsprint.

But why stop with a candle commemorating the death (or dearth) of print?

Other household items could be added to the collection. A picture frame that leans ever so slightly to the left? A couch that lets you sit for free 20 times a month and then starts charging? A wardrobe that only has room for three items before it officially becomes a trend? Curtains that only let in light shining from the East? A set of two flat sheets in honor of Thomas Friedman’s view of the modern world? A Sam Sifton sunlamp to keep help those at home vinaigrettes get the right degree of brightness?

Every collection needs to start somewhere, and that somewhere is a scented candle.

Pour a cup of coffee, open up your NY Times App and let the gentle scent of old-timey news waft through the apartment. It will feel like a simpler time-at least the Howell Raines era!



‘New York Times’ Candle Brings You the Sweet Scent of Ink