The state’s elected officials weren’t the only ones decrying an ad from the NJEA attacking the relationship between Senate President Steve Sweeney and South Jersey power broker George Norcross.

In an email to Norcross, Camden Diocese Bishop Joseph A. Galante took a ruler to the knuckles of union brass and told the Democrat that God is on his side.

The bishop’s full statement:

I am sadly disappointed at the leadership of the NJEA attempting to intimidate you and your efforts on behalf of a quality education for the children of the City of Camden.

Personal attacks always distract people from an intelligent discourse on any issue.  Your arguments on behalf of educational opportunities have always been reasoned and principled, and it is unfair for you to be maligned because of your efforts in this regard. 

You deserve the gratitude of the children whose cause you have championed.

May God bless you and guide you.


Most Reverend Joseph A. Galante, D.D., J.C.D.
Bishop of Camden