‘No Actual Evidence’ to Support Halloran’s Claims

Councilman Dan Halloran, via facebook.com

“In toto, Mr. Halloran’s information about City employee statements contributed no actual evidence about a possible slowdown.”

Department of Investigations report on the alleged worker slowdown during the 2010 snow storm in NYC.

(h/t Michael Barbaro)

And one more excerpt, describing what investigators learned from talking to one of the supervisors who Halloran initially cited as a source:

Supervisor 1 said Mr. Halloran was “grilling” him for the names of Sanitation supervisors who had issued orders for workers to slowdown. He stated that he told Mr. Halloran that he did not have personal knowledge of a slowdown and that Mr. Halloran appeared to be “upset” with his responses. Supervisor 1 stated that he explained to Mr. Halloran that, “just like everyone else,” he was getting most of his information about the possible slowdown from newspaper articles that were critical of the unusually poor handling of the storm, and from what people were saying

‘No Actual Evidence’ to Support Halloran’s Claims