Not to Worry, MySpace Holdouts. Clones Will Soon Keep You Company

Can you recognize the real me?

In the annals of bizzare pitches we have received from PR firms over the years, this one kind of takes the cake.

“Ready to visit your favorite social media pages and web sites to converse in real-time with the page owner? Can you imagine asking your friend how the big date went and getting an immediate, spoken answer from a digital clone? How about a customer asking specific questions about your line of products and having a life-like face of the company give a spoken response in conjunction with a set of images with further detail? It’s not some sci-fi take on tomorrow’s social media. It’s today’s reality with the release of Intellitar for Social Networks. The company, which first introduced interactive digital clones less than a year ago, has begun to move it’s technology off it’s own Virtual Eternity application and onto popular social networking sites. The first set of intellitars (aka intelligent avatars) are moving out across MySpace today. In the coming months, users of additional social networks, including Facebook and Orkut, will be joining the cloned masses.”

Turns out Intellitar CEO Don Davidson wanted to create a way to communicate with his grandkids and great-grandkids after he passed away. Once he built the intelligent avatar system, he decided it would add the perfect “human” touch to social networks.

To create an Intellitar, head over to, snap a photo, answer a quick battery of personal questions, and tweak the animiation. Viola, a perfect clone, nearly indistinguishable from your flesh and blood presence.

Why post to someone’s Facebook wall or ask them a question via direct message on Twitter when their Intellitar can chat face to face. I am a Harmony Seeking Idealist, for which the system recommends a Male Neutral Brain.

Like most of the world, I don’t use Myspace much these days. But since people no doubt end up at my profile on occasion, it would be nice for me to leave a clone there. No doubt the struggling social network, which News Corp is in the process of trying to unload, is happy to for any surge in user activity, whether it be human, or clone.

I’ve been promised an embed code, but in the meantime you can chat with my clone by searching for Benjamin Popper over at Not to Worry, MySpace Holdouts. Clones Will Soon Keep You Company