NY GOP Calls On Weiner to Return Campaign Funds

One of the more intriguing sidelights of Anthony Weiner’s resignation is what he plans to do with the close to $4 million in campaign funds he had sitting in his war chest.

Elected officials from around the country who received donations from Weiner are now donating that money to charity, and New York Republicans would like Weiner to do the same.

In a joint statement, State Chairman Ed Cox, Brooklyn chairman Craig Eaton and Queens chairman Phil Ragusa say:

Anthony Weiner has belatedly done the right thing for his constituents and for the country by resigning from the House of Representatives. There is, however, the issue of a reported $4 million campaign fund.  That money must be returned to the donors rather than be used for other political or personal purposes.

“We sincerely hope Anthony Weiner is able to rebuild his life. He has said he is sorry for betraying the public’s trust. The next step is to return the millions in campaign cash he is holds that was part of that trust. Any effort to keep the money would send wrong signal about his intentions and motivations.”

“Mr. Weiner received those funds from people who believe he was working for the people – not doing what he did. If he cynically hoards this cash to spend as he sees fit it will be views as a further violation of that trust and that his resignation is only part of a political maneuver for future gain.”

Of course, these G.O.P chair’s concerns are not only with “the public trust.” Weiner has been the Democrat that Republicans love to hate for a while now, and if he empties out his campaign account the chances are better that he won’t run for office again in the future.


  NY GOP Calls On Weiner to Return Campaign Funds