NY1, YNN Get a DC Bureau

Earlier this week, YNN–the upstate sister station of NY1–sent a team of reporters to Washington D.C. to cover the swearing-in of Kathy Hochul, with an eye toward its impact on Western New York.

It’s a familiar trek for NY1 reporters, who frequently travel to Washington for stories about the city’s Congressional delegation, but one that’s about to come to an end.

This summer, Time Warner plans to open a D.C. bureau that will cover the capital for its 14 cable news networks, which include networks in North Carolina and Austin, Texas, along with NY1 and YNN.

“If you looked at all of our trips down to Washington D.C., we thought it just made the most sense to create a bureau there,” said Bernadine Han, the vice president of news for the company’s news and local programming division.

The four-person bureau will have a bureau chief, two video journalists, and a video producer. NY1′s Leslie Mayes has been hired as the video producer–the only spot that’s been filled thus far, though Han said she’s close to hiring a bureau chief.

“It’s huge,” Han said of the move. “At a time when a lot of other news organizations are shrinking, we’re being given the resources to expand.”

Time Warner is still finalizing its lease agreement with C-SPAN, and is hoping to have the space built out and reporting by mid-July.

“It’s good timing because we’re now getting into the presidential campaigns,” she said. “All of our news channels will have political shows, we’re going to be heavy into carrying the conventions and everything else. So the timing of this is going to be key, to help us really cover presidential politics.”

  NY1, YNN Get a DC Bureau