Oliver defends compromise on health and pension deal

TRENTON – Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver defended her compromise plan on health care and pension benefits, describing Gov. Chris Christie’s original health care reform plan (charging all workers 30 percent of the premium) as “unconscionable.”

“Inaction is just not an option for us,” she said.

Thus, she said she presented “a fairer approach” toward requiring public employees to contribute more toward their plans, but takes into account their salaries.

She said public worker unions in Europe are also struggling because of inaction on reforming the system. Leaders here can take a lesson from that, she said.

“If we do not begin to do something that is dramatic, we’re going to see the continuation of broketown U.S.A,” she said.

She continued, “One day, a pension benefit will not be available to pay them (if no action is taken).

“Making tough decisions is not easy. It’s never easy.

This legislation is the correct legislation for this moment.” Oliver defends compromise on health and pension deal