Oliver posts Sweeney/Christie pension and benefit reform bill

TRENTON –Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-34) and Budget Officer Lou Greenwald (D-6) announced the Budget Committee will meet Monday to consider state Sen. President Steve Sweeney’s (D-3) pension and benefit reform bill for public workers.

A press release from the Majority Office said more details on the hearing will be announced in the coming days.

“I continue to work to bring everyone together on a plan that protects taxpayers and worker rights, and I am yet not committing to putting the bill up for a full Assembly vote as we continue discussions,” Oliver said in the release. “I expect the bill very well may be amended as we move forward, but we will get this important public debate started and begin the legislative process for the benefit of our taxpayers and public workers alike.”

Greenwald will sponsor the bill in the Assembly. “This compromise bill protects both taxpayers and future collective bargaining rights and is the right thing to do to steer New Jersey through this economic crisis,” said Greenwald. “Without question, this is an emotional debate, but the bottom line is we need to protect New Jersey taxpayers. This bill will be a major step toward accomplishing that goal.” Oliver posts Sweeney/Christie pension and benefit reform bill