On Sale Now: The Back of Tom Ford’s Sweaty Neck!

Last week, Observer writer Michael Miller covered the launch of art website Paddle 8. The site recently “opened” its virtual exhibition “Wit,” curated by art guy, style guy, and all-around man-about-town Glenn O’Brien. Everything is for sale, and Mr. O’Brien has cleverly included a photograph by brilliant artist Marilyn Minter of the back of fashion designer Tom Ford’s neck.

There are many reasons to test a website’s functionality, some more fun and interesting than others. Let us suggest that you use the opportunity of this particular photograph of Ms. Minter’s to try out Paddle 8’s impressive zoom function — just click on the image, then hit “zoom” — which will allow you to explore each individual bead of sweat clinging to Mr. Ford’s hair, just above the collar of his suit jacket.

As we all know, art is subjective. So, whether you find the above exercise merely interesting, kind of titillating, or, well, a little gross, depends entirely on your personal aesthetic. It’s all in the eye, as they say, of the beholder. On Sale Now: The Back of Tom Ford’s Sweaty Neck!