On Twitter, Republican Asks How to Vote on Marriage

A few hours ago, State Senator Greg Ball sent out this interesting Tweet, asking “so, if you were me, how would you vote on gay marriage? Yes or No?”

Ball is a young Conservative Republican from the Putnam -Westchester area who has been loudly advocating for there to be changes to the bill in order to extend more protections of religious organizations. But he’s also signaled a willingness to vote for it if those changes were made.

Right now there are 31 members who are publicly committed to voting for it, one shy of the minimum needed to pass.

Already, some lawmakers who had voted against the bill in the past — Queens State Senators Joe Addabbo and Shirley Huntley, and Brooklyn Assemblyman Nick Perry — say they now support it because they recently took a surveys in their districts and found that a majority of their constituents now support it.

It’s unclear how Ball will vote, but the Tweet he sent out guarantees one thing: reporters will, once again, swarm Greg Ball the next time they see him, and ask him how he’ll vote. On Twitter, Republican Asks How to Vote on Marriage