Orthodox Teens Addicted to Texting Embrace the “Half Shabbos”

Rabbi's coming, got to call you back

The kids these days!

More than half the teens interviewed for a hand-wringing piece in The New York Jewish Week admitted to breaking the holy sabbath’s ban on using electricity in order to send text messages.

“It’s a literally hot-button issue,” says the report. The kids are calling it keeping, “half Shabbos,” for those who observe all the Shabbat regulations except for texting.

It’s tearing the community apart. “On the first night of Rosh Hashanah I was walking home after dinner at friends,” wrote a young orthodox Jew. “Passing through a neighborhood park, I passed a group of clearly frum kids – boys and girls – whose faces were illuminated by the lights from their cell-phones, iPhones etc as they texted away.”

Rabbi have tried to step in, but the kids are just addicted. “When we did take away a phone,”  said Rabbi Perton. “The amount of pain the student was in was literally unbearable. The parents would beg and scream because they were getting it at home from their kid and just wanted to end their own misery.”

Orthodox Teens Addicted to Texting Embrace the “Half Shabbos”