Park Slope Guy Poisoning Pigeons, Damn the ‘Collateral Damage’

Is it really wise to enrage them?

Some crazed Park Slope resident has apparently taken it upon himself to cure the neighborhood of its “winged rodent” population.

This guy (and one of his neighbors) is apparently so inconvenienced by the pigeon poop near his residence that he is now resorting to lacing bird feeders and local parks with rat poison and anti-freeze. The anonymous resident posted this long, disturbing rant on the Brooklynian website imploring others to stop feeding these “nasty” pigeons that carry “vile diseases.”

And he’s not just staging these deadly feeders outside his own building. The poster is actually bold enough to say that he is sprinkling the poison around a local park where people “who seem hell bent on trying to erase their life’s sins” are feeding the pigeons bread.

But what about all of the other innocent animals (and children) who might inadvertently pick up the poison, you ask?

Him and his neighbor “understand the dangers of this tactic, but are willing to accept the collateral damage.”  His Orwellian defense: it’s for the greater good.

Thankfully, many other commenters on the site were shocked and outraged. Some, however, offered helpful alternatives to poison (such as contacting a sporting range and asking them to gather up the birds in large nets to use for target practice).

So is there really someone deranged enough to poison a public park so he can keep the pigeon population in check? Or is the entire post a joke? We’re off to investigate.

  Park Slope Guy Poisoning Pigeons, Damn the ‘Collateral Damage’