Park Slope Pigeon Killer Claims Scrumbles the Cat

The alleged Park Slope Pigeon Killer has graduated to… cats?

An infuriated woman on the Brooklynian message boards insists that the person apparently behind the screenname “Pyrrhic Victory,” who wrote a post last week damning the pigeons who poop on his Park Slope stoop and vowing to slowly kill them off, is also responsible for the death of her cat, Scrumbles.

Scrumbles, the woman says, met his “prolonged and drawn-out” death after taking a stroll through a local park. The culprit of Scrumbles’ early demise? “Accidental” poisoning.

The woman, writing under the screenname LillithofArc, is now frantically searching for the alleged pigeon-poisoner so she can make him “atone for the death of [her] cat” as well as for that of countless pigeons. Ultimately, she hopes to have the “coward” arrested. And Pyrrhic Victory is just adding fuel to the fire: the anonymous vigilante recently updated his/her profile on the message board to include a picture of a dead pigeon, belly up, next to his/her screenname.

Unlike some other posters on the site, who (perhaps logically) insist that the whole thing is just a poorly-executed joke, LillithofArc takes Pyrrhic Victory’s claims seriously and vows to “bring him to justice.” And she is past the point of no return, refusing to forgive the alleged killer like her kind-hearted cat would. “If ‘Scrumbles’ were still alive I am sure that he would rub up against your leg and forgive you but I am not as forgiving. You, ‘Pyrrhic Victory,’ took a loved one from me and hell have [sic] no fury like a woman scorned or wronged.”

Watch your back, Pyrrhic Victory. You’re making enemies of those who don’t want their pets/children/other loved ones accidentally poisoned after an innocent stroll through the park.

But LillithofArc’s post brings up another mystery in this ongoing saga: Is this person acting independently, truly believing that Pyrrhic Victory is responsible for the death of her cat, or is this just another way for the anonymous poster to keep the joke going? Park Slope Pigeon Killer Claims Scrumbles the Cat