Park Slope Pigeon Killer Picks His/Her Poison

The poison.

New developments in the case of the alleged Park Slope Pigeon Killer: he/she has been at it for years!

According to his/her latest post at the Brooklynian website, the anonymous aviary enemy has been “sprinkling poison among the bread crumbs” in Park Slope for years and no one has ever complained.

He/she also offers this explanation as to why there aren’t pigeon corpses all over JJ Byrne Park: “the poison I use is basically designed to kill the birds slowly so they actually die elsewhere.”

Of course. Because letting small children stumble upon dead birds while they’re playing hide-and-go-seek would be just wrong. Never mind the rat poison they might accidentally pick up that could actually kill them. In an attempt to make him- or herself seem less insane, this poster just accomplished the opposite.

He/she claims to use a poison called “Tres Pasitos” that happens to be illegal. How shocking. The poison is illegally sold in New York City and was linked to the poisoning of two adults and one child in 2006, according to the New York City Department of Health. Also relevant: “Swallowing even a very small amount of Tres Pasitos can be dangerous,” and ingesting larger amounts of the poison could cause death.

And as the EPA points out on its website: “Illegal pesticides can hurt much more than roaches” (or, in this case, pigeons). “They can harm you and your family.”

But, as the pigeon-killing vigilante pointed out in his/her earlier post, that’s just collateral damage in the name of the Greater Good.



Park Slope Pigeon Killer Picks His/Her Poison