Perhaps You Too Can Sue Mark Zuckerberg – Paul Ceglia Selling

URL shortner sold separately

The upstate New York man who claims to own 80 percent (sorry scratch that, 50 percent) of Facebook has decided to put, the domain at the center of his dispute with Mark Zuckerberg, up for sale.

Paul Ceglia hired Mr. Zuckerberg to work on the site when the latter was still at Harvard. According to Mr. Ceglia, and a fairly high powered law firm, the contract the two signed at the time also gave Mr. Ceglia an ownership stake in “The Facebook.” Now Mr. Ceglia, or whoever currently owns this domain, is selling as a must-have for those interested in owning a piece of internet history:

The domain is in the middle of a massive legal fight over ownership to 50% of Facebook, that’s $35 Billion dollars at stake!! This is a piece of Internet history – history of a website, brand and possibly the largest court dispute in history!

This website has been featured in countless Global News and TV reports about the current lawsuit Zuckerburg Vs. Ceglia.

One of the details Facebook, Zuckerburg and Ceglia agree on:

Both sides agree that Ceglia, 37, hired Zuckerberg, then a freshman at Harvard University, to work on Ceglia’s project in April 2003.

The reserve price is $5,000 and so far the domain has received zero bids. In the comments several prospective buyers expressed concern that a site with no traffic or homepage entangled in the middle of giant legal battle might not be the best purchase. Don’t these people understand nostalgia? No, ok, well how about SEO?

The smart money would snap up for five large, then turn it into a forum for all of Zuckerberg’s haters, Facebook privacy worry warts and general internet lowlife to congregate.

Perhaps You Too Can Sue Mark Zuckerberg – Paul Ceglia Selling