President Obama Trades Mark Zuckerberg for Jack Dorsey

Sorry, dude, not asking @POTUS to RT your #FF.

Today, the White House announced, via tweet, of course, that President Obama would hold his first-ever Twitter town hall on July 6th. Politicians started embracing Twitter as a popular virtual venue for town halls not long after Robert Gibbs successfully make the transition to @PressSec. Hopefully the fact that Anthony Weiner and Chris Lee both held Twitter town halls doesn’t mean the concept is cursed.

President Obama’s last two social media town halls (targeted at the nation’s youth, technophiles, and Silicon Valley pockets) were held on YouTube and then Facebook. In this case, moderating duties will be handed from Mark Zuckerberg–who ditched the hoodie, but kept the jeans–over to Twitter’s  Jack Dorsey, or as we like to call him Steve Jobs’ mini-me. Mr. Dorsey will pose questions to Mr. Obama as two giant screens behind him display the Twitter conversation in real time.  Borrowing a page from Mayor Blooomberg’s AskMike hashtag, users can submit questions under #AskObama.

But we gotta ask, where’s the New York start-up love? No Foursquare check-in to ask a question? No Maybe Chicago technologist Harper Reed, who was named CTO of Mr. Obama’s reelection campaign, can clue @BarackObama in. President Obama Trades Mark Zuckerberg for Jack Dorsey