Rep. McCarthy: Weiner Should Resign

The Democratic congresswoman from Long Island, Carolyn McCarthy, wants Anthony Weiner to resign. She joined her colleague from Long Island, Rep. Steve Israel, chairman of the DCCC,  who called Saturday for Weiner’s resignation.

Here’s McCarthy’s statement, which was posted on her web site this weekend and reported by Newsday on Sunday:

“I was offended by Congressman Weiner’s recent behavior, and angry about his lying to his colleagues and the public to cover it up.  These actions brought dishonor to an institution charged with doing the people’s business.

“Congressman Weiner’s request for a leave of absence to seek treatment, the lack of confidence of his peers and the daily distraction of these events lead me to believe that he isn’t able to serve in Congress effectively and should consider stepping down.

“I wish him and his family some peace during this difficult time and hope that we can get back to focusing on our economy, our national security, the future of programs like Medicare and other critical issues that are just too important to get sidetracked by what’s unfortunately become a daily national distraction.”

Rep. McCarthy: Weiner Should Resign