Reports: Weiner Resigning [Update]

Everyone from CNN to The New York Times and Politico are citing unnamed sources saying Rep. Anthony Weiner will announce his resignation from Congress, finally, heeding calls from Democratic party leaders that have been growing louder since he admitted sending lewd photographs of himself to “about” six women, possibly, using Congressional resources to do so (that claim is under investigation).

If Weiner resigns, rather than serve out the remainder of his term and not seek re-election in 2012, it will trigger a complicated special election scenario.

[Update: Weiner is having a 2 pm press conference at 1001 Quentin Road, between Coney Island Avenue and East 10th Street, in Brooklyn.]

Democrats would have to win a seat that is considered the second-most Republican-leaning in New York City, behind the Staten Island-Brooklyn district represented by Republican Michael Grimm. Also, whomever wins is bound to face sudden eradication when legislative lines are redrawn next year.

Will whomever replaces Weiner fade quietly into the night, or, will that person run in a primary against a more senior Congress person, like Democrats Joe Crowley, or Gary Ackerman? Reports: Weiner Resigning [Update]