Republicans Already Raising for Special Election

The New York State Republican Party didn’t waste any time trying to raise money for a potential special election in

The New York State Republican Party didn’t waste any time trying to raise money for a potential special election in New York’s 9th District.

While reporters were still waiting for Anthony Weiner to arrive in Sheepshead Bay, state Republicans sent out an email appealing for contributions, in an effort to flip the Democratic seat.

“Your voice was heard!” said the unsigned email, which hit the Democratic leadership and both of New York’s senators for not calling for Weiner’s resignation sooner.

Whether there will even be a special election remains an open question. The district skews heavily Democratic, but could perhaps provide a Republican opening for the right candidate, after a relative unknown received 40 percent of the vote last year. The date for a special election is up to Governor Andrew Cuomo, who could also decline to call for one, and leave the seat vacated until 2012.

The full email from the state G.O.P.:

Ex-Congressman Weiner. The inevitable has occurred. 


What you and I knew from the start of the sordid revelations; what the Democrat leadership slowly, ever so slowly, came to accept; and what his most steadfast apologists and patrons, namely Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, could no longer remain in silent denial about has come to pass.


Your voice was heard! It joined that of countless Republicans, Independents, and thoughtful Democrats throughout the 9th District, the state, and the country. Thank you, let’s keep up the volume!We know what comes next and we need to be ready. There will be a special election called, announcement of a liberal Big Government, pro-tax hike, pro-spending Democrat candidate, and a campaign filled with distortions, negative ads, and the standard “MediScare” slander. 

Let’s be prepared. Anthony Weiner felt entitled to his seat, and this twisted tale is in no small part the fruits of that arrogance. His erstwhile masters & defenders eventually showed him the door since they share that very same feeling of entitlement: why, it’s a Democrat seat, after all, so let’s just get a less toxic, just as liberal, reliable Obama-Pelosi replacement for this scandal-ridden weakened self-destructor.

Your generous support$25, $50, $100, or any amount- will send the message loud and clear: It’s not ex Rep Weiner’s seat, it’s not Nancy Pelosi’s seat- it’s the People’s seat and it is about time that the constituents of the 9th District get the high quality representative they deserve.

Let’s GET READY! Make your secure donation for any amount online today by clicking HERE .

Republicans Already Raising for Special Election