Republicans Delay Marriage Discussion for Another Day

In a surprise move, the Republican-controlled State Senate adjourned without voting on same-sex marriage, saying there was a logjam on other issues they needed to resolve first.

A spokesman for Senate Republican said they did not want to keep members in the capitol all night while waiting to receive printed copies of several bills still under negotiation. Those include mandate relief, SUNY tuition and an omnibus bill tying rent regulation renewals with a cap on the growth of property taxes.

Politically, the delay tonight means any decision Republicans make on same-sex marriage would be covered on Friday, when most of the general public is already turning their attention to the weekend. But next week is also the height of Gay Pride Month, with the anniversary of the Stonewall uprising that launched the gay rights movement, being commemorated on Tuesday, June 28.

Governor Cuomo has been negotiating amendments to the same-sex marriage bill to assuage concerns from a handful of Republicans fearing its impact on religious institutions. On Wednesday, Cuomo said there were “no obstacles” in their negotiations, and he was “cautiously optimistic” the bill would pass.

Dean Skelos, the leader of the State Senate, said his Republican conference would decide whether to bring the bill up for a vote. On Tuesday, Cuomo said New Yorkers “are entitled” to see the bill voted on. The next morning, Skelos bristled at the idea, noting that Cuomo “changed his tune” on that strategy.

Republicans Delay Marriage Discussion for Another Day