RGGI bills advance in committee

The Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee released three pieces of legislation today designed to prevent the state from exiting the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

The bills, passed along party lines, A4108, ACR195 and ACR80, would attack the governor’s plan to pull the state out of RGGI from different angles.

A4108 clarifies legislative intent that the state must participate in RGGI; ACR195 declares the governor’s intent to exit RGGI inconsistent with legislative intent and the Global Warming Response Act; and ACR80 would have a constitutional amendment passed to prevent the administration from ever again ‘raiding’ RGGI for funds to plug budget gaps.

John McKeon, (D-27), South Orange, committee chair and one of the prime sponsors of the package of bills, said companion Senate bills will be dealt with this week, and both houses will vote before the month is out.

If Gov. Christie vetoes the bills, as some expect, then it will be up to Republicans to break ranks and override a veto, “and think independently,’’ McKeon said.

In announcing the state’s withdrawal from RGGI by years’ end, Gov. Christie said last month that he did not need the Legislature’s approval.

http://www.politickernj.com/48549/mckeon-chivukula-introduce-3-bills-keep-nj-rggi RGGI bills advance in committee