Rick Lazio Starts a Blog

Rick Lazio emailed supporters this morning with the announcement that he’s launched a new website called IGNITE with Rick Lazio.

The site has some lengthy posts by Lazio and others, along with an extended bio of the former congressman and a plug for his upcoming television appearances.

Lazio’s introduction says the idea is to provoke a “tough, smart and respectful debate.” He describes our current political predicament this way:

It seems we are in a dark cave, groping along the walls to find our way. We worry we might run out of oxygen or some predator might surprise us. But unknown to us is the fact that just around the corner, there is a shaft with sunlight. We can climb out of this mess, but only if we learn to work with each other, reason with each other and inspire each other.

Lazio, who lost the Republican gubernatorial primary to Carl Paladino last year, refers to his time at JP Morgan in the past tense, and the site would seem to be an attempt to stay engaged in politics even while he’s out of office.

Rick Lazio Starts a Blog