Roundup: Anthony Weiner Leaves the Stage And Albany Grinds Away homepage, and amazing headline, from today.

After Weiner: Special election 70 to 80 days from now after Cuomo’s official declaration.  [Ray Hernandez / New York Times]

Watching Weiner: The video. [Ashley Parker / New York Times]

Leaving Weiner: His staffers locked up the office before the press conference. [Daily News]

Employing Weiner: Larry Flynt offers Weiner a job. [Larry Flynt / HuffPo]

Employing Weiner: Maybe cable news. [James Poniewozik / Time]

Predicting Weiner: Wolf Blitzer isn’t counting him out, entirely. [Twitter]

Punishing Weiner: Resignation is a “tremendous price” for the conversations he had. [Ezra Klein / Washington Post]

Trends: Weiner is “the third member of the US Congress this year to step down over a sex scandal.” [Mark Egan / Reuters]

Rent Regulations: Failure to renew it was a “betrayal” said Cuomo. [Thomas Kaplan / New York Times]

Rent Regulations: Intra Democratic Party spat could be chalked up to “overheated, end-of-session atmosphere.” [Liz Benjamin / Capital Tonight]

Same-Sex Marriage: Former GOP State Chairman, Sandy Treadwell, supports it. [Rick Karlin / Times Union]

Same-Sex Marriage: Lady Gaga targets Grisanti. [Celeste Katz / Daily News]

Same-Sex Marriage: Raising expectations? [Howard Wolfson / Twitter]

And Glenn Thrush’s “cousin” is very familiar with the location where Weiner resigned. Roundup: Anthony Weiner Leaves the Stage And Albany Grinds Away