Roundup: Dolan Speaks Out as Diaz Remembers Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg holds media availability following meeting with senate republican conference regarding marriage equality legislation. June 16, 2011 (Photo Credit: Edward Reed)

Opposing Same-Sex Marriage: Dolan calls it immoral, but is conciliatory for electeds that support it. [Michael Paulson / New York Times]

Opposing Same-Sex Marriage: Diaz remembers Bloomberg’s 2005 maneuver. [Celeste Katz / Daily News]

Supporting Same-Sex Marriage: Religious leaders who support the bill speak out against critics. [Michael Johnson / Capital Tonight]

Supporting Same-Sex Marriage: Lady Gaga, using her real name, called sponsor of same-sex marriage, urging him to vote for it. [Liz Benjamin / Capital Tonight]

Lobbying: Cuomo quietly met with undecided senators. [Michael Gormley / AP]

Trying Bruno: Still going. [William Glaberson / New York Times]

Replacing Weiner: His seat “might not even exist in 19 months.” [AP]

Roundup: Dolan Speaks Out as Diaz Remembers Bloomberg