Roundup: Going Inside Weiner’s Home, Voting on April 24


Anthony Weiner's computer, via

Re-Electing Weiner: “If the rules that govern the redistricting process are reformed, Weiner might have a shot at keeping his district intact. Which is funny, in a tragic way, because Weiner is an opponent of the reform.” [Josh Benson / Capital New York]

Following Weiner: Doubles his followers on Twitter. [Jen Doll / Village Voice]

Pressuring Weiner: Former DCCC chair no-comments on Weiner. [Daniel Strauss / Twitter]

Pressuring Weiner: “He has to decide how much  of this he wants to take,” Democratic Councilman Van Bramer said. [WSJ]

Housing Weiner: Inside the apartment where Weiner took his famous photos. [Jen Chung / Gothamist]

House Dems: Tuesday is their first meeting since Weiner scandal. [Billy House / National Journal]

2012: April 24 eyes as new presidential primary date; same as CT and PA. [Liz Benjamin / Capital Tonight]

2012: Gingrich implodes. [Bill Hutchinson / NY Daily News]

Questions: Bloomberg doesn’t want to talk about Weiner. [Erin Einhorn / NY Daily News]

De Blasio: Add Ickes, Sunshine. [Liz Benjamin / Capital Tonight]

CB4: Corey Johnson is the new chairman in Chelsea. [Scoopy / The Villager]

NYPD: Millions paid “every year on police misconduct cases.” [Bob Hennelly / WNYC]

Loopholes: ‘Grassroots lobbying’ helps hide names of donors, in Albany. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Guilty: Law partner of Assemblyman Peter Rivera admits wrongdoing; no promise to cooperate with US Attorney. [Bob Kappstatter / NY Daily News] Roundup: Going Inside Weiner’s Home, Voting on April 24