Rumors & Acquisitions: Baths, Roofs and Garages

And raises!

OKAY, OKAY, IF YOU’RE GOING TO LECTURE US… LigerTail, which powers a promoted topics-esque widget, raised $50,000 from one anonymous investor after trundling along for three years. We reached founder Leonid Kozhukh, who did not want to talk about money. “None of these details are pertinent right now. We’re focused on getting publisher adoption,” he said when Betabeat asked who the investor was and where he plans to direct the funding. “All we want to talk about is the product and the ongoing problems in advertising that we’re trying to solve.” We scheduled an interview to talk about the idea, which is pretty cool, tomorrow. “Do me a favor and show LT to whoever is in charge of bizdev at Betabeat,” Mr. Kozhukh added. We’re going to spend the interim sorting out our feelings about indie movie references as start-up names.

MOAR RAISES. FanBridge raised a zillion dollars from 12 investors! Wait. Co-founder Noah Dinkin talks us down. “Just a delay in filing the form” from their January raise Consmr, which launched today, will be raising funding soon. “I’m going to take a day to relax, and then we’ll start raising,” founder Ryan Charles said.

SOFT, BUT NOT SO ROSY. Angelsoft, the VC-centric deal flow management platform co-founded by fading New York Angel David Rose, has moved out of the Rose Tech Ventures space on 23rd St. into 5,000 sq. ft. on 29th. Further indication that Rose Tech, which booted entrepreneurs when it closed down its incubator about six months ago, is defunct? “Rose Tech is pretty much adrift at sea,” a source said.

STEAMY, BUT NOT SO SEXY. The New York Technology Bathhouse Meetup is getting together for its third sweaty Russian and Turkish bath techie talk fun times. Five relaxed techies are going. At least they it’s not a bait-and-switch like the Startup GarageTalk meetup, which happens in restaurants.

ALL RED EVERYTHING. Check out the guest list for tonight’s Red Tie Affair, hosted by Gary Sharma, a man with a red tie, and sponsored by Pepsi. Dave McClure, Jennifer 8 Lee, Brian Stelter, a buncha VCs, Jason Calacanis and some guys who started a company called Foursquare will be there. Rumors & Acquisitions: Baths, Roofs and Garages