Rumors & Acquisitions: Celebrity Chrome Extension Edition

AMUSEBALLS. When Color came out, Jimmy Fallon used it to give out tickets to his show. Mr. Fallon, who periodically features gadget maven Josh Topolsky on his program and does the occasional bit about iPhone apps, wants to be the next actor-investor a la Ashton Kutcher, Betabeat heard today. Mr. Fallon heard a pitch from a local founder recently about first-round investing in an iPhone game, we’re told, after the founder’s pre-launch app got a bunch of mainstream press. Dude follows Gary Vee, Fred Wilson, Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose on Twttr. Any other start-ups talking to Jimmy? Admit.

WEIRD THAT THERE IS SO MUCH CELEBRITY+TECH NEWS TODAY, but we hear Lady Gaga is going to release a Chrome extension. It would be an official Google-Lady Gaga Chrome extension, we’re told, and some New Yorkers are in the running to build it. Right now there is an unofficial extension that displays all Ms. Gaga’s tweets. Our minds! They are blown!

HIDE YR PUTERS. A cautionary tale: One entrepreneur who rents dedicated office space at General Assembly had his laptop stolen off his desk a few weeks ago, a friend of the victim tells Betabeat. “It concerned me to hear about the incident but I’m not interested in damaging the reputation of GA,” source said. But, he said, “I don’t mind the general public knowing they should be careful, even in friendly atmospheres.”  Fortunately, the solution is simple!

SPEAKING OF THE ASSEMBLY. The Annex has been annexed! Start-ups including, we hear, Food52, Jibe and Easel moved downstairs from their secluded 7th floor outpost. “They were leasing it from another company in the building and the lease ran out sooner than they thought, I believe,” a source told us.

CAN’T STOP TURNTABLING. is the latest, greatest addictive thing to hit Facebook-only beta from New York. “It’s like a sugar high,” one developer said this morning (he was also referring to the attendant crash). The company formerly known as StickyBits downsized and started working on in January, Betabeat learned upon ambushing the company in its Union Square office. Things are going well, they said, but they’d like to work out the bugs before doing any interviews. The Silicon Alley-born Coding Soundtrack room was until recently the most popular; now it’s some random room in Germany, we’re told, due to a write-up in a German music blog, and over-Skrillexing by the New York coders.

LUCKY STARS. TechStars announces 30 finalists tonight. That’s out of about 1,000 applications. Yep. Good luck.

FREE INTERNET WEEK? We’re seeing and hearing VIPs slangin’ free Internet Week passes left and right. How many of these things are there?

Rumors & Acquisitions: Celebrity Chrome Extension Edition