Rumors & Acquisitions: Hot or Not

LOOKBACK: Last week’s rumor on the Heroku/Nodejitsu showdown seemed to spark the most interest; luckily, we interviewed Nodejitsu co-founder Charlie Robbins today! You’re welcome, People on Gchat.

OUR VERY OWN TECH COMEDY BALL GROUPON: Don’t say Betabeat never gave you nothin’. Click here for 30 percent off tickets to tomorrow’s Tech Comedy Ball at Greenhouse on 150 Varick. Code word: “betabeatnik.” Rub elbows with USV’s Christina Cacioppo and Time Warner Investments’ Melody Koh. Police Academy‘s Steve Guttenberg showed up last month, but we can’t promise any other stars from your misspent youth will drop by. Already bought one for full-price? Email and he’ll help you out. The guys behind the TC Ball have been busy with a hush-hush funding campaign for a start-up co-living (yes, you read that right) space in East Williamsburg. But they’ll announce the full details at an invite-only charity event at Lavo in July. Sorry kids, no discounts on those tickets.

VENTURE-ORIGINATED VENTURES. Venture capitalists in town continue to speak out of turn by floating their own start-up ideas, as reported in previous rumor roundups. “I was thinking of creating a list related to that,” Charlie O’Donnell of First Round Capital mused over Gchat when Betabeat asked him about the phenomenon. “Or some kind of mechanism for VCs and industry folks to submit ideas. I was thinking kind of like a combo of Hot or Not and Salesforce. So you see an idea, and it comes from someone experienced like a VC or experienced entrepreneur, and then there’s a comment thread around it.” Based on interviews, some VCs would love a dedicated forum for their semi-informed start-up scheming. But not all are on board: “I don’t think there should be an explicit venue for this kind of stuff as I think entrepreneurs as a whole are much smarter than VCs and therefore should be the ones coming up with the ideas,” one VC told Betabeat.

NOT THE TECHSTAR: Betabeat made assumptions about the TechStars class, and asses were made of us by email over the weekend. Two of the start-ups rumored to have made the summer class–an SMS-based reservation system and platform for private conversations–are not. TechStars director David Tisch on the latter: “I like them, they didn’t make it…” Full list will be announced in about a week, he said.

RUMORBITS: There’s an ISP in Manhattan considering converting their operations to Bitcoin mining, a source tells us. COME OVER. “RedRover is debating whether to raise another round or accept an acquisition. RedRover the social network for parents, not the other one.” YC TO NYC? NOT NEVER. “I wouldn’t completely rule out us ever doing something in NY, if we *had* to open another YC branch it would almost certainly be in NY,” writes Y Combinator partner Harj Taggar during an Ask Me Anything.

FACEBOOK HOLDOUTS ANONYMOUS: Betabeat was working a story this week about how to fend off Facebook advances if you’re a Facebook non-user, but had trouble getting people to talk on the record. When asked why the preference for anonymity, the sources came up blank. “I guess for the same reason I’m not on Facebook?” one local journalist said uncertainly. “I like to keep a low profile.” He loves Twitter, though!

DEPT. OF DUBIOUS EMBARGOES: A company that sets up charitable organizations to accept donations by text message is hosting an event in New York in October–but the release is stamped with an embargo for tomorrow morning: UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 6/29/11, 9 A.M. ET. For an event that’s four months away. We’ll just stamp this item POST-DATED: “The Mobile Giving Foundation (MGF), the pioneer of mobile giving dedicated to helping charitable organizations raise funds through the mobile channel, today announced that it will host the second annual Mobile Giving Forum on October 27 at French Institute Alliance Française.” Rumors & Acquisitions: Hot or Not