Senate passes bills dealing with bath salt sales, apportionment-related deadline, more

TRENTON – Bills involving animal sterilization, apportionment-related deadlines, and bath salt sales were among the items dealt with by the Senate Thursday.

The state Senate passed 33-2 bill S2923, which creates a program that would require sterilization of cats and dogs released for adoption from various facilities.

Only Republicans Diane Allen and Tom Kean Jr. voted no.

The Senate unanimously passed S2829 which implements “Pamela’s Law,” making it a crime to possess and sell bath salts.

Passed  33-1 was bill S2653, which extends the deadline for filing nominating petitions each year that new legislative districts are established by the Apportionment Commission. Only Sen. Diane Allen voted no.

The Senate passed 29-0  S2552, which provides that subcontractors who furnish non-specialty trade work shall not be named in local public bid documents.

Approved 34-0 was S2199, which establishes the New Jersey Advisory Council on End-of-Life Care in the Department of Health and Senior Services.

The Senate passed 37-0  S2175, which would establishe a procedure for destroying certain contraband tobacco products and cigarettes.

Also receiving a unanimous vote was  S106, which would expand an Ocean County drug abuse deterrence pilot program known as “Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs.” The bill was sponsored by Sens.  Chris Connors, (R-9),  Ocean, and Jennifer Beck, (R-12),  Monmouth/Mercer.

“Studies have shown that the more we can engage youth in recreational activities, the less likely they are to use and abuse drugs,” Beck said in a statement. “This program has seen increasing success in Ocean County, and is offered in more than 30 U.S. states and territories. In the battle against substance abuse, prevention is the most important remedy for young people.”

Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs will be funded initially with $200,000 from the state Drug Enforcement and Demand Reduction Fund, which is funded through fines and penalties assessed against drug offenders. The bill encourages the Legislature to make an annual appropriation from this fund to sustain the program after the first year.

  Senate passes bills dealing with bath salt sales, apportionment-related deadline, more