Senators Riding Especially High in Q Poll

One other interesting note from this morning’s Quinnipiac poll: both U.S. Senators are especially popular at the moment.

Kirsten Gillibrand posted a 54-percent approval rating, tying the best she’s ever done in the poll. And with just 22-percent disapproving of the job she’s doing, it’s slightly better than her previous best.

Chuck Schumer got a 64 – 24 approval rating, his best showing in years (though short of his personal best 69 percent approval back in 2004.)

It’s not clear why exactly the public is so fond of both senators right now. Senate Democrats haven’t exactly made big headlines in Washington of late, as they wrangle with Republicans over slightly opaque issues like the federal debt ceiling and judicial appointments.

File any theories in the comments.

Senators Riding Especially High in Q Poll