Sico: Christie supporters still adamant about Prez run

A group of Gov. Chris Christie supporters composing a Draft Christie for President movement say they “won’t take no for an answer” concerning a Christie presidential bid.   

“Nearly eight months after we started this effort last October, Christie supporters are no less enthusiastic about his candidacy,” said Donald Sico, administrator of the draft Christie webpage. “Despite his numerous denials and statements to the contrary, seven out of every 10 supporters believe we should either ‘push him even harder’ or “just give it time” and ’he will come around.’”

Sico said he included the following questions in his survey and reported the subsequent results:  1. It does not appear as if Governor Chris Christie is moving off his position of not wanting to run for President in 2012. What should we do? Push him even harder with even more convincing arguments. 52.0% (437); Just give it time. He will come around when he is ready. 17.9% (150); Give up and find another candidate. 12.3% (103); Start getting ready for 2016. (12.3%) (103); I have no idea. This is frustrating! (5.6%) 47.

Sico also reported the breakdown for people’s second presidential choice.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry easily won.

Newt Gingrich 1.0% (8); Rick Perry 35.5% (295); Sarah Palin 3.2% (27); Mitt Romney 7.0% (58); Tim Pawlenty 3.0% (25); Michele Bachmann 15.7% (131); Jon Huntsman 3.4% (28); Ron Paul 6.1% (51); Rick Santorum 2.2% (18); Herman Cain 8.1% (67); Buddy Roemer 0.4% (3); John Bolton 1.2% (10); Someone New 13.3% (111).


Sico: Christie supporters still adamant about Prez run