Skelos Doesn’t Want a Marriage Lawsuit

Republican State Senate Leader Dean Skelos said the discussions with the governor taking place now over same-sex marriage are aimed at avoiding litigation, should the landmark legislation pass — which, currently it is one vote away from doing.

Speaking to a couple of reporters outside the State Senate chambers on the third floor of the Capitol, Skelos said: “Our conference really wants to see more amendments on the religious cause. I don’t know if you can change a person from a no to a yes, yes to no, but I think they just want to feel more comfortable in terms of letting it out on the floor.”

“If there were no votes for this,” a reporter asked, “why would you go through all of this, for a week?”

“Because,” said Skelos, “members want to do that and some members may want to put it out, whether it goes up or down.”

In a slight revelation of what is happening behind closed doors, Skelos said: “There’s a  group of members that are going through that with the governor and…he seemed very open to it.”

“Connecticut and Vermont,” for example, “had tighter religious exemptions, conscience exemptions-type clauses that they’re looking at. And you know we don’t want to pass a bill and all [of a sudden] there’s a slew of litigation, you know, on a number of these exemptions,” said Skelos. “So, we’re looking to tighten that up.” Skelos Doesn’t Want a Marriage Lawsuit